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A compact and cost-effective alternative to bulky and expensive test equipment has been the dream of many engineers. Elite RF tasked its engineers to develop a multi-purpose RF test equipment product that would be a workhorse for the RF engineer. The goals were to be as versatile as possible, have a small footprint - yet remain affordable compared to the typical RF test equipment on the market. The S-Series product line is the result of that development. The new & innovative S-Series Multi-Purpose RF Test System is a flexible alternative to expensive & bulky RF test equipment and can be used for R&D characterization on the bench, EMC assessment and automated production test in the factory. The RF equipment built into the S-Series can be used stand-alone or with other external equipment. The standard line s-series rf test equipment is an all in one, cost-effective piece of equipment that incorporates the following items:

Model Freq-min
Voltage Brochure Quote
SPA1241 0.1 12400 100 - 240 VAC Request Quote
SPA441 0.1 4400 100 - 240 VAC Request Quote
SA1241 0.1 12400 100 - 240 VAC Request Quote
SA441 0.1 4400 100 - 240 VAC Request Quote