Elite RF is a Chicago based company by former Motorola engineering leaders with years of hands-on experience in designing and manufacturing linear RF power amplifiers up to 40GHz frequency and power up to 100kW. We offer robust amplifier modules and systems (with display and controls) for use in EMC/EMI and high-power test setups from 9KHz up to 40GHz and saturated power up to kilowatts. These amplifiers can be biased as Class A/AB based on customer applications. The fast turn around time, industry leading warranty and commendable after sales support makes us a preferred supplier for high-power test labs. Please click here to view more EMC RF amplifiers and datasheets.

Few of our popular high-power RF systems are listed below. Please send in your request directly to sales@eliterf.com or fill the form so our team can contact you within 24 hours.

  • 9KHz – 400MHz, 200W
  • 9KHz – 250MHz, 600W
  • 9KHz – 100MHz, 3000W
  • 80MHz – 1000MHz, 3000W
  • 500MHz – 2GHz, 500W
  • 1GHz – 6GHz, 500W
  • 2GHz – 18GHz, 100W
  • 6GHz – 18GHz, 500W
  • 18GHz – 26.5GHz, 200W
  • 26.5GHz – 40GHz, 200W

    NOTE: Your contact details are kept confidential and will only be used to contact you to discuss your requirements.

    Please visit www.eliterfllc.com to check our solid-state amplifiers and microwave generators.