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Elite RF’s broadband RF amplifier system utilizes the latest high power LDMOS transistors for frequencies from 1.5MHz – 512MHz and GaN transistors for 512MHz – 18GHz. The class AB solid-state amplifier has built-in control and monitoring, protection functions to ensure high reliability. It is suitable for high power CW or pulse radar system applications, EMC/EMI test application and various other wideband applications. The amplifier also comes with an industry-leading warranty.

Please download the datasheet to review the specification sheet. Contact sales@eliterf.com for more details.

Part Number Freq-min
Mode Voltage
Datasheet Quote
AB1.5M18G4747AC 1.5 18000 50 47 CW 180-260(VAC) 5U Request Quote
MB Series represents RF Amplifier Module | AB Series represents Rack Mount RF Amplifier | DB Series represents Rack Mount RF Amplifier with Display


  • Wide Frequency Range
  • High Output Power
  • High Gain
  • High Reverse Isolation
  • Built-in Protection
  • Enable/Disable input (ground to disable)


  • DC Power
  • Temperature Fault


  • (-H) Heatsink
  • (-T) TTL Input Trigger
  • (-D) D Sub