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RF for Medical Applications

RF Energy has found profound use in medical applications. Elite RF engineers have been at the forefront of medical device developments, playing a crucial role in all aspects related to RF technology. Our team of experts works thoroughly with medical device innovators like you to understand your problem statements and system specifications in greater detail. Following comprehensive analysis, ideas are exchanged between the teams and an extensive R&D project is undertaken over the next few months to develop the first working prototype as per the customer’s specification. Additionally, our wide range of off-the-shelf amplifiers find their direct use in medical applications. We have successfully delivered projects starting with an idea on paper to design and develop the final customer approved product in the field of imaging, dental and cancer therapy. With our cutting-edge production facility, we undertake high-volume production of RF amplifiers and generators, establishing ourselves as the preferred full-service RF provider for our customers. We have custom designed RF amplifiers for CW/pulsed signals ranging from 200W to 6kW and low MHz to up to 18GHz for medical applications. We believe that with further innovations and explorations by the medical community, RF technology will become a centerpiece in treatments currently unavailable.


RF Ablation

RF Ablation or Microwave Ablation is a minimally invasive procedure used to heat and destroy abnormal cells using RF Energy. It is commonly used as a cancer treatment therapy for small to medium-sized tumors in various organs, including the liver, lung, kidney, bone, and certain soft tissues. RFA is also used as a treatment for pain management where heat from radio waves is used to destroy the area of the nerves causing pain.

RF Diathermy

Radiofrequency diathermy (RFD) is a non-invasive treatment involving the transmission of RF radiation into tissue. These waves generate profound heat, stimulating metabolic activity within biological tissue. This stimulation aids in accelerating tissue healing, reducing pain and reintegrating the patient into their daily routine. The most common applications of this treatment include treating spasms, sprains, and tissue inflammation.


High power RF amplifiers are vital components of an MRI scanner. They are integrated to amplify the power of the RF pulses to the desired level. These enhanced signals are crucial for manipulating the spin of atomic nuclei within the patient’s body leading to accurate imaging, enabling clearer and more detailed MRI scans.

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