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RF for Defense Applications

Elite RF power amplifiers are deployed across numerous electronic warfare applications. Whether you require custom rugged broadband amplifiers for demanding environments or simpler RF solutions, our team collaborates closely with your engineering team to meet your specific requirements. Strong customer collaboration is the key to our successful project delivery. In today's evolving landscape, the demand for defense applications for wideband amplifiers is rising due to the need to cover a broader frequency range with fewer components in a system. At Elite, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of solid-state technologies. Our seasoned engineers bring extensive experience to the table, serving as an asset in your project's success.


Signal Jammer

Disrupting enemy communications, radar, or other electronic systems through signal jamming is a crucial defense activity. RF amplifiers are used in all the jammers to boost the power of these signals, interfering with the targeted enemy systems efficiently. One of the emerging applications for jammers is in counter drone systems.


Signal Intelligence systems capture weak enemy signals and use RF amplifiers to amplify those signals to analyze enemy communications. This enables the military to detect and gather intelligence on enemy activities and construct well informed defense strategies.

Electronic Attack

High power RF amplifiers are used to destroy an enemy target with high power electromagnetic energy. This power can be modulated to intentionally disrupt enemy communications and radar systems. EA is one of the key components in attacking electronic warfare strategies.

Radar Systems

RF amplifiers are essential components in radar transmitters and receivers, ensuring strong signal transmission, reception, and processing. It amplifies incoming RF signals to propagate long distances through air and space without losing much of its strength to detect enemy threats.

Spectrum Monitoring

Broadband amplifiers are deployed in real time spectrum monitoring to observe the electromagnetic spectrum to detect, identify, and analyze sources of RF emissions. These amplifiers play a critical role in two key aspects: identifying potential enemy signals and implementing countermeasure tactics to mitigate threats posed by interference.

Software Defined Radios

RF amplifiers play a pivotal role in the SDR systems by providing signal gain, filtering, and signal conditioning for incoming and outgoing RF signals. Some of the typical deployments of amplifiers in SDR includes front end amplification to improve signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), boost the power of signals to be transmitted, among many different applications.

Looking to implement an RF system quickly? We specialize in turning your requirements into a fully functional RF system with minimal lead time. Whether you need front-end amplification, signal filtering, or any other RF system solution, we are here to help. To begin a discussion of your requirements, please email us on sales@eliterf.com and we will get back to you.