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Quality and Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Priority and unmatched Engineering Capabilities is our strength. Elite RF holds a strong leadership with over a century of experience in power amplifier design. It is at the cutting edge of today's RF and microwave technology with an eye towards the future.

We provide an extensive portfolio of product designs from basic PA modules to multi-function PA assemblies with embedded software and controllers. Our solutions incorporate GaN, LDMOS, MOSFET, and bipolar device technologies. We specialize in frequencies up to 18 GHz with power levels from 1 Watt up to and exceeding 100 kW.

In addition to this, we have a line of custom configurable, all-in-one RF test equipment to help you test your system at a cost-effective price point. Make your RF project a reality with our best-in-class engineers working for you.


Elite RF was founded in 2014 and was built on the legacy of Motorola, Inc., the telecommunications company based in Schaumburg, Illinois. Motorola was the preeminent provider of wireless communications and the inventor of the cellular phone. Taking advantage of the company’s exit from the communications market, Elite RF gathered the talent who built the Motorola brand that was synonymous with innovation, performance, and quality.

Elite RF’s designers have close to two hundred years of power amplifier design experience and are at the cutting edge of today’s technology with an eye towards the future. Now you can put our experience to work for you. We understand some customers may need help creating a custom RF solution. The Elite RF team of experts will work with you to provide the best solution to match your requirements. We also offer a free consultation service to help formulate your ideas and provide practical, cost-effective examples on how we can make you RF project a reality.


Some products are already on the shelf ready to ship to you. For others we have a team of experts on site to custom design and manufacture any RF solutions that your company may require. We strive to meet our customer’s needs, schedules and provide urgent product requirements. We Value our customers schedule and commit to filling your needs as they arise:

  • Off-the-Shelf Availability
  • Same-Day Shipping Available
  • Custom Design
  • Expert In-house Knowledge
  • Global Distribution and support


  • Military/Aerospace
  • Universities
  • Medical
  • Telecommunications