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Particle acceleration is foundational to modern scientific research and technology, enabling new inventions and discoveries in physics, medical treatments, and different industrial applications. Radio frequency energy is used to accelerate charged particles like protons or electrons to very high speeds. The use of RF energy for particle acceleration stands out due to its efficiency and versatility.

Particle accelerator operations worldwide are transitioning from tube-based systems to modern solid-state RF amplifier or RF generator systems which offer more functionalities. At Elite, we collaborate with national laboratories, research companies, medical pioneers, and various industries to design and build RF amplifier systems for their projects.


The use of solid-state RF energy systems provides several advantages. RF accelerators can impart substantial energy to particles over short distances, leading to rapid acceleration, which allows the systems to be compact and efficient. Frequency, phase, and output power can be fine-tuned and controlled with higher accuracy, resulting in more consistent and precise particle beams. Elite RF designs are modular which allows us to manufacture scalable systems at large quantities. Our expertise in combining RF power from multiple sources with minimum losses places us at the forefront of custom designs.

From 1kW to 100kW, we can be your design partner. Please email us at sales@eliterf.com to discuss your requirements.