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Our goal is to provide unparalleled customer service alongside the highest-quality RF power amplifiers.

We are proud of our quick turnaround time of 60 days for custom RF amplifiers.

We offer a free consultation service to help formulate your ideas and provide practical solutions.

All Elite RF amplifiers come with an industry-leading.

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Quality and Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Priority and unmatched Engineering Capabilities is our strength. Elite RF holds a strong leadership with over a century of experience in power amplifier design. It is at the cutting edge of today's RF and microwave technology with an eye towards the future.

We provide an extensive portfolio of product designs from basic PA modules to multi-function PA assemblies with embedded software and controllers. Our solutions incorporate GaN, LDMOS, MOSFET, and bipolar device technologies. We specialize in frequencies up to 18 GHz with power levels from 1 Watt up to and exceeding 100 kW.

In addition to this, we have a line of custom configurable, all-in-one RF test equipment to help you test your system at a cost-effective price point. Make your RF project a reality with our best-in-class engineers working for you.

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(RF) signal refers to a wireless electromagnetic signal used as a form of communication . Radio waves are a form of electromagnetic radiation with identified radio frequencies.


(RF) energy, in the form of radiating waves or electrical currents, has been used in medical treatments for over 75 years, generally for minimally invasive surgeries.


Military forces conduct intense & complicated communicating activities on a daily basis, using modern RF telecommunications and computing methods.


Our S-Series is perfect for classroom or lab set-up. They offer options for limited space & cost-effective solutions for your Engineering Department.

Featured Products

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Our MB Series is a Class AB, RF power amplifier providing linear power over the specified bandwidth. The amplifier utilizes LDMOS or GaN technology to achieve excellent gain, efficiency.

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Our rugged 19” rack mount RF power amplifiers incorporate our module amplifiers and include all necessary power supplies, thermal considerations and optional display and controls

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High Power Microwave Generators

Our 6 kW Solid-State Microwave Generator from 2.4 to 2.5 GHz is a powerful alternate to magnetron used in CVD, plasma generation and many application

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Please click to view & download selection guides and specifications of our products.

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RF Calculators

RF calculators and conversions section provides engineers valuable and easy-to-use tools ranging from complex mathematical formulas to simple conversions.

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RF Amplifier Datasheets

Download datasheets to know the specification, parameters and performance of our amplifiers.

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Solid State RF Energy

Explore this innovation in the field of RF Energy applications like plasma generation, ablation etc.

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