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Plasma is a cloud of partially ionized gas consisting of ions, electrons, and neutral atoms, occurring naturally in the universe as the fourth state of matter. With fast paced developments in the field of science, plasma has been artificially generated in laboratories and industrial setup for growing CVD diamonds, semiconductor coating, microwave assisted chemistry, material synthesis, medical applications, and others. The most prevalent and effective technique for producing hot plasma involves using high-power microwaves to heat gases to high temperatures within a controlled chamber.

Until recently, magnetrons have been the only option for high power microwave generation. The lack of frequency control and power stability of RF power makes it inefficient to use in applications demanding high precision and control. As a solid-state RF expert with deep understanding in LDMOS and GaN technologies, we possess experience and know how to build more efficient solid-state microwave generators up to 100kW.

Using solid state RF over magnetrons provides many benefits for generating plasma and several applications.


Enhanced Control and Stability

Solid-state RF sources offer more precise control on the RF power output, providing better control over plasma generation. They do not experience any fluctuations or spikes and deliver a stable RF energy output, essential for critical applications where uniform plasma characteristics are necessary.

Longer Lifespan

Vacuum tubes, such as magnetrons, are prone to quicker degradation, leading to system failure. They lose 30% of their power capacity over the prolonged use of this system. In contrast, semiconductor devices (RF transistors) integrated into the solid-state architecture are designed for robustness and reliability. This reliability significantly reduces process failures and downtime, ensuring continuous operation in industrial settings.

Maximum Energy Transfer

Magnetrons produce noisy microwave signals, meaning they do not stay at the set frequency. These result in frequency variations. Experimental evidence has shown that for maximum microwave energy transfer to the process chamber, the microwave frequency must match resonant frequency of the chamber, thereby reducing reflected power. Solid-state microwave generators produce microwaves at a set frequency with no noise, enabling maximum energy transfer to the chamber.


Safety is of utmost importance. Magnetrons operate at very high voltages, whereas solid-state microwave generators operate at lower voltages. Solid-state systems incorporate numerous safety interlocks for operational safety and can scale additional safety features through software. The high-speed microprocessors used in our systems not only enhance safety-related programming, but also enable far better process controls than their tube-based predecessors.

Modular Design and Scalable Operations

Advanced RF combining techniques and block-based designs from Elite RF make our system more adaptable to various microwave power requirements. This modularity also facilitates easier integration into different industries, accommodating varying scales of plasma generation.

Lower Electromagnetic Interference

Solid-state RF sources typically generate less electromagnetic interference than magnetrons. This characteristic is crucial in environments sensitive to radio frequency disturbances, where leaked microwaves may interfere with other electronics, especially in technologically dense settings.

The benefits of Solid-state systems outweigh those of tube-based microwave generation systems. They are far more advanced in terms of controls and can be designed as per your specification documents. It is the future! Elite RF engineers have years of hands-on experience in designing highly complex systems and would be happy to learn about your needs. Please feel free to contact us at sales@eliterf.com to start the discussion.