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Elite RF’s ISM band solid-state RF amplifiers incorporate the most advanced LDMOS or GaN technology and operate within the spectrum defined by the International Telecommunication Union. Our RF amplifiers are designed for center frequencies of 13.56 MHz, 27.12MHz, 40.68MHz, 433MHz, 915MHz, 2.45GHz and 5.8GHz and are deployed in industrial, medical, and scientific applications. These class AB linear amplifiers are suitable for CW or pulsed modes, feature built-in protection, and include an enable/disable function. High kilowatt RF power requirements can be configured into various form factors, such as modules (MB series), racks (AB series), racks with display (DB series) as per customers’ size requirements. RF modules are available with air-cooled/water-cooled heatsinks, TTL trigger or D-sub connectors.

Our team has successfully delivered and continues to design new custom RF systems for medical applications such as RF ablation, cancer treatment, MRI and others. Our amplifiers are designed for reliability and come with an industry-leading warranty and support. Please email sales@eliterf.com to discuss your specific requirements.

Part Number Freq-min
Mode Voltage
Datasheet Quote
MB2.42.5G535032 2400 2500 200 50 CW 32 (VDC) 7.0 X 4.0 X 1.5 Request Quote
MB Series represents RF Amplifier Module | AB Series represents Rack Mount RF Amplifier | DB Series represents Rack Mount RF Amplifier with Display


  • Wide Frequency Range
  • High Output Power
  • High Gain
  • High Reverse Isolation
  • Built-in Protection
  • Enable/Disable input (ground to disable)


  • DC Power
  • Temperature Fault


  • (-H) Heatsink
  • (-T) TTL Input Trigger
  • (-D) D Sub