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Elite RF has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing solid-state RF power amplifiers and microwave generators. We help customers solve complex RF problems by enabling efficient two-way communication with our engineering team. We offer engineering consulting services to build custom RF amplifiers and generators, from an initial idea on paper to volume production. If you are already in the design phase, we can collaborate as an extension of your team to achieve your intended results more quickly. We are a one stop shop for any of your RF amplification project needs.

We maintain in-house quality control over all amplifier and generator assembly, wiring, housing, testing and integration processes. Our engineering and production team adheres to our quality manual, continuously updating our processes and systems as we grow. All our contract manufacturer partners have certified processes and follow a stringent quality management system to ensure the best quality output. Our meticulous approach to manufacturing ensures the highest level of quality and customization for our customers. Each product we ship is rigorously tested and documented.


Our 22,000+ sq ft production facility is designed for mass-scale production. Whether you need 10 or 10,000 units per month, we can scale up our production to deliver on time. Don’t wait. Reach out to us not only for your RF needs, but also for your production and product testing requirements. Contact us at sales@eliterf.com to begin our discussion.