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Elite RF launches its newest line in solid-state GaN based high-power microwave generators that’s field-repairable and highly-customizable. Like all our products, they come with an industry-leading warranty and are available in 3kW, 6kW, and 12kW of saturated power. The 100% solid state/digital architecture makes it a modern and highly reliable product with built-in RF redundancy and smart power control, which replaces the current magnetron tube technology. Stable and pure solid-state microwaves create substantial improvements on product quality in high precision applications like plasma generation for CVD diamonds, hydrogen production and coatings.

Elite RF’s higher power RF generators have multiple features like the Automatic Power Function (APF), which automatically adjusts output power to stay constant even in the event of an RF device failure. The Preventive Alarm Supervision (PAS) on one hand allows for alarms without stopping production to allow you to complete your process. The system comes in two parts, a SSPA RF unit and a High Current switching power supply unit.

2.45 GHz 3kW Microwave Generator with Power Supply

2.45 GHz 6kW Microwave Generator with Power Supply

2.45 GHz 12kW Microwave Generator with Power Supply

System Features:

  • Two-unit system (Power Supply and RF Generator) for installation flexibility
  • Adjustable Microwaves Power Output
  • Frequency - Variable 2.4 GHz - 2.5 GHz
  • E-Stop button on power supply and RF Generator, E-Stop system has 2 remote connections available
  • Operational control via a touch screen display, RS-232, Modbus
  • WR340 Waveguide output
  • 380 - 480 Volts AC Power / 3 Phase
  • Forward Power and Reverse Power monitor
  • Auto-adjusting individual RF amplifier power output help prevents process interruption due to amplifier failure
  • CW/Pulse mode operation helps lower operational costs
  • Maximum Temperature reported on RF Amplifier modules
  • Water input and output connections, water flow sensor

This US-based product offering is specially designed for customers’ industrial applications and plasma generation. Our engineering team works hand in hand with you, our valued customers and partners, to ensure that our High-Power RF Generators exceed your expectations and continue to evolve to meet the ever-changing demands of your microwave applications. The team has expertise and experience to build complex systems up to hundreds of Kilowatts in shorter lead times. This launch is just the beginning. Get in touch with us, today!