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Elite RF’s X Band RF Amplifiers incorporate the most advanced, state of the art GaN transistors, reflecting our commitment to advanced engineering. We specialize in efficiently combining multiple power amplifier modules with precise phase and gain match and enabling us to design high power X Band amplifiers with power levels in the kilowatts range.

All our amplifiers come with built-in protection and enable/disable functionality. They can be tailored to meet high RF power needs in various form factors, such as modules (MB series), racks (AB series), and racks with displays (DB series), based on customer specifications. The AB and DB series comes with built-in heatsinks and power supplies. More RF power module buying options are available with air-cooled/water-cooled heatsinks, TTL trigger or D-sub connectors.

We build custom X Band RF amplifiers for defense, radar, communications, and other markets. Our amplifiers are designed for reliability and come with an industry-leading warranty. For any inquiries or specific requirements, contact us at sales@eliterf.com.

Part Number Freq-min
Mode Voltage
Datasheet Quote
AP8.0011G5348AC 8000 11000 200 50 Pulsed 120 (VDC) 19 x 15 x 3.5 Request Quote
MP8.0011G534828 8000 11000 200 48 PULSED 28 (VDC) 8.5 x 6.0 x 1.0 Request Quote
MP8.0011G504828 8000 11000 100 48 PULSED 28 (VDC) 7.5 X 4.0 X 1.0 Request Quote
MB Series represents RF Amplifier Module | AB Series represents Rack Mount RF Amplifier | DB Series represents Rack Mount RF Amplifier with Display


  • Wide Frequency Range
  • High Output Power
  • High Gain
  • High Reverse Isolation
  • Built-in Protection
  • Enable/Disable input (ground to disable)


  • DC Power
  • Temperature Fault


  • (-H) Heatsink
  • (-T) TTL Input Trigger
  • (-D) D Sub