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Custom RF Ablation Device

RF Ablation or Microwave Ablation is a minimally invasive procedure to heat and destroy abnormal cells using RF Energy. It has been commonly used as a cancer treatment therapy for treating small to medium-sized tumors in various organs, including the liver, lung, kidney, bone, and certain soft tissues. Radio frequency technology plays a crucial role in wide arenas of medical device industry. To list a few other than ablation, RF energy is used in diathermy devices to generate heat within body tissues, RF imaging and sensing like MRI, electrocautery to cut tissues during surgical procedure. It has also gained a lot of attention in dermatology stream of medical science. RF is also used as a carrier for data transmission between different devices and used in RFID tags for patient identification.

In the past few years, significant investments are driving towards creating cutting edge products in RF Ablation Device Market due to the rise in chronic diseases. According to the CDC, chronic diseases cost around $3.5+ trillion in US healthcare costs pushing the envelope to develop more RFA technology procedure.


Elite RF plays a vital role in the development of all things related to RF technology. Our team of experts works thoroughly with the medical device innovators like you to understand your problem statement and system specifications in greater detail. After comprehensive analysis, ideas are exchanged between the teams and an extensive R&D project is undertaken over the next few months to develop the first working prototype as per the customer’s specification. Our customers are very satisfied with the results we have produced for them. We have a cutting-edge production facility where the final approved product can be built into high volumes making us a preferred full-service RF house. We have successfully delivered projects starting with an idea on paper to making the final customer approved product in the field of imaging, dental and cancer therapy. We believe with more innovations and explorations by the medical community, RF will be a center piece technology in more treatments not being available today.

We would love to be a part of your innovation journey. We are capable of building the most challenging or complex RF sub-systems or systems in the shortest lead time. We are just a click away, reach out to us at sales@eliterf.com to begin a conversation.